Power Up Your Lifestyle - PC Package

Power Up your lifestyle with a student IT package. We’ve teamed up with Apple, Dell and HP to give you the hottest choice of laptops, desktops, notebooks and tablets, even an iPad, on the market.

So, do you want to power up your lifestyle and give your studies a boost with a regular workhorse, a top-notch designer’s dream, high performance notebook or an extreme machine for gaming (while you’re taking a study break, of course)? Based on your individual needs and interests we are ready and willing to help you rock-and-roll!

The Power Up Your Lifestyle PC Package could be the right choice if you:

  • Need a notebook, laptop, desktop or other hardware but can’t afford to buy it outright
  • Are a full-time student
  • Have an Absa Study Loan or are about to apply for one
What you get

  • A range of hardware options from Apple, Dell or HP to suit the needs of creative designers, intellectual philosophers and scientific geniuses
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