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Not sure how you are going to pay your tuition fees and buy all the textbooks you need? We offer our Absa customers the opportunity to take out study loans to finance their own studies or those of their loved ones.

An Absa Study loan offers you:

  • SETA and SAQA studies are covered, from 3 months duration onwards
  • Customers are also allowed to apply for a grace period after they have finished studying if they are not yet able to afford the repayment of their loan
  • Absa Study loans are offered at 9 Student bureaus situated in SA’s leading tertiary institutions; the Absa sales contact centre and 100 selected Absa branches throughout the country
  • Numerous launches take place during the year to make students aware of Absa’s great study loan benefits, including a give-away for a car!
Qualifying criteria

  • Customers who qualify for a study loan need only pay back the interest portion of the loan during the term of the studies. Thereafter, customers repay the capital for example a three year course is paid back over three years, and so forth
  • Customers are approved based on their affordability and risk
  • Proof of income from the person undertaking the study loan

  • Customers pay the prime interest rate on their study loans
  • Customers are offered 15% discount on study equipment when they apply for a study loan
  • The study loan forms part of the Student Package, which includes a student credit card and a cheque account
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