Access funds you’ve paid

Sometimes you need more money. It could be for that home renovation you’ve been planning, or perhaps for your daughter’s study fees. Or maybe you simply want to settle your other debt.

Whatever your need, you could take your existing home loan back up to its original loan granted amount with a Re Advance.

How it works

  • You can apply to take up the difference between the outstanding balance on your home loan and the original loan amount granted
  • You have access to your funds at the home loan interest rate, which is generally lower and cheaper than other lending products, such as a personal loan
  • With a Re Advance you do not need to register another bond and there are no attorney fees
  • The available amount is subject to credit approval and lending rules

For example

Original total loan granted

R1 000 000

Paid off to date:

R300 000

Outstanding balance:

R700 000

Amount you have access to:

R300 000

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