Absa home loans

Our long-standing experience as a home loan provider means we can offer you not only home finance, but also guidance to help you make the best choice.

An Absa home loan offers you:

  • Flexible repayment terms of up to 30 years
  • Fixed or variable interest rate options
  • Up to 100% bond in certain cases
  • Immediate access to any extra payments you’ve made into your bond with FlexiReserve
  • The option to increase your existing loan up to the current market value of your property, with Further Advance
  • The option to increase your loan back to its original loan amount with Re Advance
  • Free membership to One Call Home Solution, with discounted home improvement products and services
  • Free eStatements
  • A free Absa will on acceptance of our quote (offer valid until 31 December 2015)
  • The ability to track your application online, from submission to registration
  • Professional guidance and help with buying your property
Our home loans at a glance

Whether you’re building or buying, renovating or renting, you can craft your home loan to suit your particular needs. For more detail, click on the home loan solutions below.

My primary need

I Earn

Unique features

Home loan product

Fund a building project Based on affordability (minimum monthly income of R3 501) Pay for completed work in stages

Your repayments only start 9 months after registration irrespective if the building is completed or not
Building Loan
Affordable housing A monthly income
< R18 601
Up to 100% home loan

30% discount on attorney bond costs

Free, compulsory home loan training
MyHome Home Loan
A standard home loan A monthly income of >= R18 601 Up to 30-year repayment term

Variable or fixed interest rates
Absa Home Loan
Exclusive service A monthly income
> R62 500
Dedicated private banker

Flexibility and choice to structure your loan
Absa Private Banking Home Loan
I'm selling and buying a new home A monthly income of >= R18 601 25% reduction on your NCA initiation fees

0.5% cash back on the value of your new home loan (max R6 000)
Loyalty Home Loan
Buy with the help of a friend of family member Based on affordability (minimum monthly income of R3 501) Ask a family member or friend to provide security through an Absa Fixed Deposit

Up to 100% loan

Absa covers 30% of the attorney bond costs (max R4 200)

50% reduction on your NCA initiation fees
Family Springboard
Buy residential property to rent it out A monthly income of >= R18 601 For investment in rental property Buy-To-Let Home Loan
Invest in South African property as a non-resident or temporary resident A monthly income of >= R18 601 For international home loan customers International mortgages
An alternative way of financing your home A monthly income of >= R18 601 Use your pension or provident fund savings as security

No bond registration
Pension Powered Home Loan
Online Application
Complete a secure application form online

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