Finance your Lifestyle

Finance your Lifestyle

From the exhilaration of buying our first house or car to the comfort of knowing our children’s tuition fees are covered, we all benefit from borrowing money every now and then.

Different methods of borrowing suit different types of people and situations. That’s why Absa offers a comprehensive range of personal loans and finance solutions that can be adapted to suit your changing needs and circumstances.

Whether you would like to go on that dream vacation, buy something special for your home, have an unexpected expense or just need the reassurance of knowing you can cover your everyday expenses, we can help you.

Express Loan

If you are looking for a short-term loan with repayment terms of up to 6 months, then an Absa Express Loan is ideal for you

Personal Loan

Want something that seems just out of reach? Need extra cash fast? A personal loan will help you with that dream holiday, wedding payments or to buy that TV you have been dreaming about

Revolving Loan

With a revolving loan, you can access additional funds whenever you need them without the hassle of having to reapply each time


An overdraft will give you peace of mind with the reassurance of knowing you can cover your everyday expenses and those unexpected costs that come along

Instant Loan

Access to cash – instantly! Immediate loan approval with the money in your account in minutes!

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