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Home Loans for existing customers

As your personal circumstances change and you review your personal objectives, you might sell your existing property and buy a new one. If you are an existing Absa Home Loan customer and looking to settle your current home loan and arrange new finance we would like to retain our valuable relationship by offering you a personalised, competitive deal to save money.

An Absa Home Loan for existing customers could be the right choice if you:

  • Are looking to buy your next home
  • Want to settle your current Absa Home Loan and arrange new finance
  • Want a personalised, competitive deal to save money
Did You Know?
Get financing to make appealing improvements to your home whether you are redesigning the garden, replacing or fixing the roof, or making your home more energy-efficient.

What you get?
  • A competitive deal as we will offer you a personalised, competitive deal to save money
  • Convenience because a Home Loan Express Agent will visit you to complete the application
  • Loyalty benefits to loyal customers, including the Absa One Call Home Solution

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