Finance your Home

Finance your home

A home is one of the most important investments you can undertake. Whether you’re a first-time buyer building your dream home, or an investor looking to obtain maximum returns from multiple properties, it’s an exciting financial step.

Whatever your home finance needs, we can assist with qualified, expert advice. Our range of banking products will help you balance your financial obligations and ensure your investment is a positive one.

A home with an Absa foundation is a home built to last. Access our handy finance calculators and start investing in your future today.

Home Buyer's Guide

Everything you should know about buying and selling property, and the costs involved

Buying your home

Are you planning on buying a home, but aren’t sure where to start? Find out more about the intricacies involved in buying your own home

Investing in property

Property is a long-term investment that increases in value and can earn a regular income through rentals

Buy a repossessed property

Take advantage of the repossessed properties that have resulted from previously cancelled home

Building your home

If you can’t find the home of your dreams, why not build it? A building loan from Absa will help you build your dream home

Managing your debt

Manage your home loan debt and monthly repayments by extending your term, fixing your interest rate or structuring all your accounts

Improving your home

From pools to bar rooms, renovations to extensions; get the cash you need to fund your home improvement project

Accessing additional funds

Use your home loan to access additional cash for financing those longed-for items that seem out of reach

Compare our Home Loan Solutions

No matter what financing needs you have, we have the home loan solution to suit you

Home loan repayment problems

Do you find yourself in financial difficulties and can’t make your monthly home loan repayments? Let us help you

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