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Traveller’s cheques

Accepted across the world as a means of payment, travellers’ cheques are much safer than carrying cash when travelling overseas. They are available in most major currencies of the world, in a variety of denominations, to suit your specific destination and needs.

Some benefits of travellers’ cheques:

  • In case of loss or theft, your travellers’ cheques may be refunded by the refund centre of American Express which can be found using the internet or listed on your purchase agreement (Ts and Cs apply)
  • Travellers’ cheques can be refunded within 24 hours, such refunds can be done 24 hours a day and 365 days a year
  • Travellers’ cheques are valid for an unlimited period of time and never expire
  • No commission is payable if your travellers’ cheques are cashed at selected fee-free outlets, we can advise you where these outlets are located

When you return from your trip, any unused cheques must be resold and can be done at Absa free of commission if originally purchased from us.

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