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Cash Rewards from Absa

Simply use an Absa debit, cheque or credit card to pay for your purchases and you will earn Cash Rewards on the first R200 000 worth of qualifying purchases** during an accrual period (Accrual Period is from the 16th of a month to the 15th of the following month).

The percentage of Cash Rewards you can earn is determined by your Rewards Tier. Your Rewards Tier is calculated based on the number of products you hold in each category of qualifying products, together with your transactional account. Please note that multiple products of the same type (for example, having two savings accounts) will only count once towards your Rewards Tier.

How Rewards tiers work

Tier Formula

Tier 1: earn 0,25% if you have one transactional account – for example, a cheque account only.
Tier 2: earn 0,5% if you have one transactional account and any two qualifying accounts – for example, a credit card, together with a personal loan and vehicle finance.
Tier 3: earn 1% if you have one transactional account and any three or more qualifying accounts – for example, a cheque account, together with a credit card, home loan, vehicle.
**Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for a list of qualifying transactions and exclusions
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