Banking Solutions for Individuals

No matter who you are, what you want out of life, or what you need from your bank; we have a wide range of banking solutions to suit your specific needs.

Choose from our wide range of credit cards, cheque accounts, and packaged solutions – and choose the bank account that best suits you.

Transactional Accounts

A range of bank accounts to suit your individual needs – whether you are a minor or a millionaire

Credit Cards

A versatile range of credit cards that caters to your banking needs, no matter where you are in your career

Packaged Solutions

Combining basic banking requirements with additional access to financing and other benefits, our banking packages are designed to suit you

Exclusive Banking

A variety of unique banking, saving and investment solutions designed to suit your specific financial requirements

Absa Rewards

A programme designed to reward you for banking with Absa. Not only does it literally put cash in your pocket with Cash Rewards, but it also gives you access to savings, discounts, special offers and convenience benefits.

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Prepaid Debit Cards

Why carry around cash when a prepaid card is so much more convenient, safe and easy to use?

Contactless Payments

Paying for goods is as easy as tap and go with a contactless card from Absa

International Banking

When travelling internationally, you can choose between foreign currency and a Cash Passport – all available in a range of currencies and denominations

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