Your needs

Today’s complex business environment requires owners and entrepreneurs to be versatile. Our range of products and services; saving and investment options; employee benefits; and finance solutions are tailor-made for your everyday business needs.

Partner with us on a journey that will elevate your business above the competition.

Your business need
Convert and carry money
Do my banking

Let us help you realise your business ambitions with our range of banking products and services.

  • Open an account
  • Get finance
  • Do your banking online
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Forex rules
Get finance and loans

Tailor a finance solution to suit your business – whether you’re starting up or established.

  • Start-up finance
  • Short-term and working capital finance
  • Long-term finance
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Send and receive money
Manage cash flow

Make sure you have readily available cash to give your business a competitive edge.

  • Cards to manage your expenditure
  • Save and invest wisely
  • Get the finance you need
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Travel insurance
Do business globally

Get the support you need to undertake your cross-border business operations.

  • Online business platforms
  • Trade finance
  • Cash management
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Offshore investments
Save and invest

Maximise the return on your business's operational cash.

  • Instant access products
  • Medium to long term finance
  • Choose your terms
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Travel tips
Enjoy employee benefits

Make yourself an employer of choice with the help of our employee benefits.

  • Healthcare and retirement
  • Workplace banking
  • Financial expertise
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Convert and carry money
Get insurance

Make sure your business’s assets are covered against loss and damage.

  • Traditional or specialist solutions
  • Agricultural asset cover
  • Crop insurance
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Send and receive money
Explore alternative funding

If you’ve applied for an Absa business loan and have been turned down, we have alternative options for you.

  • Funding for SMEs
  • Funding for businesses owned by women
  • Absa Development Credit Fund
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Offshore investments
Make payments

Ensure that your payments are on time and build stronger relationships with your suppliers and employees.

  • Pay somebody without a bank account
  • Prepaid cards
  • SWIFT payments
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Convert and carry money
Receive payments

Protect your business against payment delays and make receiving payment easier.

  • Payment Pebble
  • Solutions for accepting payments
  • Electronic funds transfer
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Switching for business

Switching your debit orders to Absa is now easier than ever. This is one of the ways Absa strives to Open Doors to assist our customers.

  • Open a Business Current Account
  • Switch your debit orders
  • FAQs
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