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As our manufacturing sector remains under pressure from the global financial fallout, it is clear that ordinary banking solutions simply do not ‘cut it’. In these times you need your bank to go that extra mile, and Absa puts special emphasis on the types of solutions most needed in this sector.

We understand, for instance, that rising manufacturing input costs make it even more important to free up working capital; and that currency volatility elevates the importance of having specialised hedging products.

Aside from protecting you from the risks, Absa’s manufacturing financing specialists also help you to take advantage of the great opportunities available in many of the State’s incentive programmes - like the Manufacturing Incentive Programme, the Black Business Supplier Support Programme, the Automotive Production Development Programme, and Eskom’s Energy Efficient Motors programme.

Your Relationship Executive is responsible for your overall banking relationship with Absa, and will determine your business needs and compile the ideal financial solutions to suit your needs.

Did You Know?
An overdraft facility can provide businesses with short-term working capital finance.

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