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Logistics and Supply Chain

If speed, efficiency and reliability are essential to your business, then you defnitely require banking solutions that have the same characteristics.

Imagine electronic banking facilities that are seamlessly integrated with your systems, or tailored asset finance to suit your specific requirements? Imagine financial solutions that accelerate the cash flow of your business and specialised funding for commodity or inventory financing?

If you require inventory or commodity financing, or you’re planning to acquire a business, then consider specialised funding. These products can also be utilised to offer sophisticated supply chain solutions to your customer. Our balance sheet advisory team is on hand to provide insight and assistance in optimising your balance sheet.

We, at Absa, are determined to provide financial solutions that will assist you in growing and managing your business successfully.Your Relationship Executive is responsible for your overall banking relationship with Absa, and will assist you in determining your business needs and providing appropriate financial solutions.

Did You Know?
Our Commercial International Banking solutions can assist you in any cross-border operations.

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