Health care consultants

Give your employees a balanced and healthy lifestyle and make sure you are an employer of choice with Absa’s cost-effective health care models.

Backed by the strong international Barclays Group brand, Absa Health Care Consultants has become one of SA’s leading health consulting firms, with over two hundred years of collective experience in the industry.

We currently manage the health care requirements of a number of leading firms in, amongst other sectors, mining, agriculture, education, health care, manufacturing and information technology. We offer advisory, communication, management and administrative services.

We reduce Human Resources involvement

We have developed our own web-based member billing system which interfaces directly with medical schemes and client payroll systems. This enables us to outsource this function and minimise discrepancies.

We save you time and money

We keep your employees and medical scheme members informed and satisfied by giving the correct advice and solving medical scheme-related issues on their behalf, resulting in substantial reduction in Human Resources involvement in employee-related issues.

We assist employees with the following:

Strategy development, including:

  • In-depth health risk analysis
  • Employee benefit policy and procedure framework development
  • Strategic communication

Intermediary Services and Products, including:

  • An analysis of the employer’s unique health and wellness needs
  • Advice, protection and education in terms of the employer’s selected healthcare products and services (e.g. medical schemes) and complimentary insurance products
  • Regular market reviews of health care products and services
  • Provision of complementary insurance products


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