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Commercial Workplace Banking

Would you like to offer your employees extra financial perks that costs you nothing? We know the answer is yes, that’s why we’ve introduced Absa Workplace Banking.

We team up with you, the employer, to service the financial needs of employees across all industries, segments and income groups. Our value proposition is built around convenience, on-site delivery and financial education to employees as added benefits to your existing employee value propositions.

Your employees have the opportunity to engage with Absa directly to open and apply for a range of products and services such as savings and investments, transactional solutions, bank assurance and credit solutions – with accompanying concessions on their interest rates on certain products. Electronic service solutions such as Internet, Cellphone and Telephone Banking are continuously promoted as the channels of convenience for service.

Apart from the financial solutions we also assist with financial education and training. Our Absa Financial Education (AFE) programme is specifically designed to bring free, quality financial literacy education to employees with the aim of supporting their growth and prosperity, by influencing the shift in behaviours from debt to that of a savings culture.

Workplace Banking could be the right choice if you:

  • Want to have customised banking services provided at your premises
  • Would like to cut down the time employees spend at work dealing with their personal financial matters
  • Would like to boost employee morale and productivity through access to expert finance advice and assistance developing their financial health
  • Would like convenient banking services, such as an Absa ATM, to be available on your premises
Did You Know?
With Absa Health Care Consultants, you can improve member communication and manage absenteeism.

What you get?
  • On-site banking facilities, including ATMs, Sales & Service Kiosks manned by Absa permanent employees, Internet Kiosks and mobile branches
  • A Workplace Banking Key Account Executive, who will be assigned to your business to tailor all bank offerings to suit your organisation
  • Workplace Banking Sales Consultants, who can provide most of the essential retail and financial banking services to your employees on-site
  • Financial Education and Training, teaching employees about a vast array of financial matters
  • The opportunity to help your employees deal with debilitating financial worries and debt, including being able to refer them to Debt Control Management, a leading debt rehabilitation and counselling provider
  • The ability to easily change your employees salaried accounts from one bank to another
  • Access to various products and services, such as accounts, funeral plans, insurance and vehicle and asset finance products

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