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Management service for commercial clients

You should be getting more out of your bank than simply a transactional and financing arrangement. At Absa, we understand that your business is something bigger than just numbers and figures.

That is why we have developed a range of auxiliary management services, allowing you to take care of those ‘other’ aspects of your business more easily – like the wellbeing of your employees, vehicle fleet management, and workplace banking services, for instance.

From retirement fund administration to Pension-supported Housing Loans, we will also cater for every aspect of your workforce’s personal financial needs. Speak to your Relationship Executive about the range of management offerings that complement our traditional corporate banking services.

Employee Benefits

From comprehensive healthcare packages, to retirement fund administration and trust services, Absa's approach is to care for your employees as much as it does for your banking needs

Vehicle Management Solutions

Keep track of your entire fleet and keep your business moving in the right direction, with Absa’s fleet management solutions


Commercial Workplace Banking

Discover the ultimate in convenience: an Absa branch located on your business premises, giving your employees access to a wide range of financial services during working hours

Business Insurance

Ensure that your valuable business assets are adequately insured to make sure that your business can recover from theft or damage

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