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Specialised Funding

Fuel explosive acquisitive growth, or take on those big-ticket projects, by taking advantage of Absa’s range of corporate financing offerings.

Your Relationship Executive is responsible for your overall banking relationship with Absa, and will determine your business needs and assist you with appropriate financial solutions.

Did You Know?
An overdraft facility can provide businesses with short-term working capital finance.

Acquisition and Leveraged Finance

This team of experienced investment bankers facilitates third-party funding for transactions of up to R500 million (or as little as R25 million).

Specialising in corporate acquisitions and mergers, Black Economic Empowerment transactions, and management buyouts – or combinations thereof – Absa’s dedicated team will support you at every stage of the major watershed deals in your company’s evolution.

Contact us for more information on the minimum criteria, for funding assessments, and any other questions.

Project Finance

When you have confidence in the success of your large-scale greenfields project, and it’s supported by solid fundamentals, we’ll echo your confidence and provide you with project finance you need.

Our seven project financing specialists have over 50 years of combined experience – to give you the very best service, not only in the core business of debt financing, but associated advisory services like project scoping, feasibility studies, debt advising and sponsor advising.

Structured Trade and Commodity Finance

Whether you’re an importer, exporter, commodity trader or simply a corporation in need of trade or commodity finance, its essential to minimise the risks associated with cross-border trade financing.

With Absa you can unlock a world of possibilities – with service at all major cities, ports and airports around the world – and structured trade finance advice in a number of verticals.
Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing the risks associated with foreign legal jurisdictions, currency fluctuations, market and price movements, logistics, insurance, among others, are covered by Absa's dedicated experts.

Get in touch with us to find out more about structured financial solutions for predominantly African-originated experts.

Balance Sheet Advisory and Preferential Shares

In order for you to get most out of the possibilities that lie within your balance sheet, Absa's team focuses on three areas in particular:

  • Debt funding opportunities- beginning with a high-level analysis of the capital structure of your balance sheet
  • Restructuring of debt- utilising various funding and secondary markets instruments
  • Preference share funding - instruments are used to enhance funding opportunities for clients with assessed tax losses or BEE funding requirements, as well as clients with diverse investments portfolio where the main source of income is dividends

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