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International Banking

For a comprehensive suite of custom-designed international banking solutions to assist in any kind of cross-border operations, look no further than Absa - backed by its strong affiliation with the global Barclays Group, and a broad network of international bank partners.

Your Relationship Executive is responsible for your overall banking relationship with Absa, and will determine your business needs and provide tailored financial solutions.

Manage cash-flows, document processing, and add value and local insights to all international dealings, with the following range of services:

  • Import Documentary Credits
    To facilitate your cross-border business by providing your suppliers with a payment guarantee, while offering you the peace of mind of knowing that you will receive documents as required.
  • Export Documentary Credits
    Guarantees that you will receive payment against presentation of the required credit documentation. Furthermore, we are able to provide cover for bank and country risk as well as being able to convert your future receivables into cash.
  • Import Documentary Collections
    The documents received from your suppliers’ bankers are handled quickly and efficiently so they can be presented to you for acceptance or payment.
  • Export Documentary Collections
    Your documents are forwarded to your suppliers’ bankers and payment, when received, is processed as per your instructions.
  • Standby Credits and Guarantees
    A full range of instruments to support your business requirements and provide payment guarantees to your business partners.
  • Trade Finance and Solutions
    Choose from various forms of trade finance (both pre- and post-shipment) at competitive rates. Get off balance sheet solutions for your short-term cross border trade transactions. Request advice and support from our Treasury Services, Financial Institutions and Exchange Control teams.
  • Business Integrator Trade Finance and International Cash
    Our internet-based system gives you direct online access to Absa’s full suite of Trade Finance, Documentary and International Cash Products.
  • Advisory and Consultancy Services
    Our team of countrywide specialist advisers are able to provide you with expert opinions and assist in structuring your transactions.
Did You Know?
Our Merchant Acquiring Service allows customers to process credit card payments using a landline or cellphone.

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