Travel Lodge Card

Specifically created for corporate travel, this card manages your travel and entertainments expenditure

Qualifying Criteria
  • Used on behalf of company
  • Free Travel Insurance
  • 55 days interest free on purchases

The Absa Travel Lodge Card provides a one-stop shop for all travel arrangements and allows you to easily separate the large ticket-values of travel expenses from your other corporate card spending.

The Absa Travel Lodge Card has three separate accounts – a main account, control account and the individual user accounts.

Did You Know?
Our Commercial International Banking solutions can assist you in any cross-border operations.

What you get?
  • The ability to make a single monthly payment to Absa
  • Management information to suit the accounting needs of the business, in statements produced
  • A Visa-branded card
  • Corporate Liability Waiver: free insurance protecting the company against loss or theft by cardholders
  • Multi-level billing options - accounts can be structured to suit the hierarchy of the company.
  • A 55-day interest-free period on purchases
  • Free Travel Insurance

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