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Absa credit ratings

Absa Bank Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group Limited (formerly Absa Group Limited). All current and historic investor relations information relating to the Group can be found at

The latest Moody’s and Fitch credit ratings

Credit Ratings

  Moody's Fitch
  19 August 2014 17 July 2014
  Absa Bank Absa Bank Barclays Africa Group
Short-term F1+ (zaf) F1+ (zaf)
Long-term AAA (zaf) AAA (zaf)
Outlook   Stable Stable
Local Currency      
Short-term Prime-2 - -
Long-term Baa1 A- A-
Outlook Rating placed on review Stable Stable
Foreign Currency      
Short-term Prime-2 F2 F2
Long-term Baa1 A- A-
Outlook Rating placed on review Negative Negative
Bank Financial Strength C-    
Baseline Credit Assessment Baa1 - -
Viability Rating - bbb bbb
Outlook Rating placed on review - -
Support - 1 1
Moody's - With regards to the bank’s EMTN programme, the provisional foreign-currency senior unsecured debt rating has been downgraded to (P) Baa1 from (P)A3, the provisional foreign-currency subordinated and junior subordinated debt ratings of (P)Baa2 and (P)Baa3 respectively, were also placed on review.
Fitch – Senior unsecured debt: Long-term foreign currency rating affirmed at 'A-'; Short-term foreign currency affirmed at 'F2'. Senior unsecured notes National Long-term rating affirmed at 'AAA(zaf)'

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