Corporate Citizenship

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Corporate Social Investment

Absa's mission is to be the leading practitioner and thought leader in Corporate Social Investment (CSI) as informed by global trends, and build strength and capabilities through collaborative partnerships.

Our Mission

At Absa, caring for our communities is as important to us as being great bankers. In fact, we see the two as being interlinked.

We believe that through caring for our neighbours, we develop a better appreciation for people and, in so doing, we are better able to understand and serve our customers.

However, Absa recognises that social giving is not enough in its own right: for Corporate Social Investment to be truly effective and make an ongoing and meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged people and to the overall economic wellbeing of the country, it needs to be well-managed and underpinned by the driving principle of sustainability. For this reason, we adopt an integrated sustainability approach that encompasses all the Group’s stakeholders. This approach ensures the effective and balanced management of the company’s economic, social and environmental relationships.

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