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Down to the basics: what do you get out of working for South Africa’s best bank (our opinion, but we are sure you will agree when you start working here)? Quite a lot of relevant benefits, actually.

There are a number of financial, lifestyle, career and community benefits that you will receive when you work for Absa, but the show-stoppers that get people’s attention are:

  • No banking fees on transactions within the Absa account into which your salary is deposited – which will help cut back on those monthly banking fees
  • Reduced interest rates on home loans and vehicle finance – cutting down your monthly repayments
  • Staff and dependents bursary fund - because your family is also important to us
  • A medical aid subsidy, because your health and your family’s health is an important gift that needs to be looked after
  • Market-leading leave benefits – including maternity and study leave
  • Wellness benefits with access to gyms and wellness centres
  • Absa Group pension fund retirement benefits and group life scheme
  • Learning and development programmes to fast-track your career
  • Recognition for being exceptional – with Service Heroes, Prestige Awards and Long Service Awards
  • Volunteer programmes that allow us to help our community individually and as a group

There are a lot of other benefits that come with being an Absa employee, and all of these contribute to making you feel like a valued part of the Absa family.

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