Leadership & Entrepreneurship

There is definitely a need for leaders and entrepreneurs in South Africa. We recognise that they are innovators who are often at the forefront of change and growth; and it is our youth who are central to ensuring that these two key qualities continue to grow and thrive in our country.

Are you a little different from everyone else? Do you dream about owning your own company and changing the world we live in for the better? If so, then you are perfect for our Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship Development Programme (YLED) – giving you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, business and leading the way through entrepreneurship!

Our aims:

  • Develop young people – ensuring that they are empowered enough to make successful life transitions, though life skills and entrepreneurial spirit development
  • Help them gain confidence and a strong belief in themselves so that they are able to navigate through the world beyond school
  • Ensure that they are aware of how important education and life skills are at high school and beyond
  • Encourage self-employment and self-creation
  • Provide them with the tools to succeed in any environment
  • Pioneer a private – public partnership in the execution of social change driven initiatives, that drives a sustainable youth agenda

Things we teach you:

  • Life skills (including: effective communication and personal mastery)
  • Entrepreneurship skills (including: how to start a business, market and product selection, CSI responsibilities of a business, sales plan development)
  • Leadership skills
  • Career development skills (learn how to write a flawless CV, interview like a pro or apply for bursaries)

When do applications open?

  • Applications for 2013 participation open in January 2013
  • The programme runs from end February 2013 – October 2013


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