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Finding a new job is a stressful experience, and no matter how many interviews you go on, they never get easier. You have to meet new people who give you the third-degree on your work and personal life, and answer as coherently as possible while your blood pressure rises and your hands are shaking.

Candidates may also not be used to panel interviews – which just add to the overall stress! We understand that interviews are difficult, and have a few tips for you to bear in mind to help you through this stressful time.

  • Be early for your interview. This will ensure that even if you get stuck in traffic or lose your way in the building, you will not make a bad impression by making your potential employer wait.
  • Always prepare for the interview by doing research into the company to which you are applying, and always ensure that you remember the names of the people interviewing you.
  • Stay calm. This may sound easier than it actually is, but take calming breaths and mentally remind yourself to stay calm so that you are aware of how you come across to the interviewers.
  • Rather be overdressed than under-dressed. Ensure that you look professional and well-groomed when you go to an interview.
  • Be confident. Keep eye contact and speak clearly.
  • Last of all, just be yourself! Your personality is as important as your qualifications – and you need to let the interviewer know who you are so that they can be sure that you will be happy in the corporate culture.

Stick to these tips, and you will find interviewing a breeze.

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